Terms & Conditions

This implies the Terms & Conditions under which the user/Visitor should agree to access the services of this Webiste “Digital Brolly”. Agree these as if you(user) signed it in person. In any case if you bound to the terms and conditions it will be fine or else you may not be able to access to the services of this site anymore.

Modifications of these Terms & Conditions

We have all rights reserved to modify these Terms & Conditions by time to time, prior notice will be provided to ensure the changes made to the terms.

Use of Content

All the logos, brands, signatures, names and content used in this website are completely owned by the company or used under License by the business and their entities which are featured on this site. So any violation to these rules are strictly prohibited and they will not be allowed to access the services anymore.

Users who send spam mails, mails that contain viruses which harm the website, sending any promotional mails regarding a product and advertisements are strictly prohibited which may result in criminal liability.

Registration Information

While Signing up for the services make sure to provide the right information, as a user you are responsible for whatever content you post on this website. We don’t keep your password safe and your information as it’s your responsibility for all the activities made by you using your details.


While using the site by the users the agreement will have power and effect about its applications and services. Any user can terminate their membership if they want to, anytime without any reason to mention with the help of us about cancellation of the account. By removing our code the user may discontinue our services and applications. Even if the user terminated from the site there will be some rules of the agreement which will be in effect. At any reason/time we may terminate your membership.


We will not provide any refund for the unexpected termination from our services,also credits not provided for any of the service on this Website. Under few circumstances only we will provide refunds which are decided by us and in any case this will not imply in all situations.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the terms and conditions then please contact us to get the complete information before doing something doubtfully. Contact us via phone or email.
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