Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy refers to all the services offered by Digital Brolly via our website to Clients and the end users. It is about how our website stores and uses the personal information collected by our website from clients/users. 

All the information which is personally collected from the client and is shared between client and Digital Brolly which is confidential. We do not share with anyone under any circumstances, and we take at most care in protecting and storing your data in your database with the help of best security system.  

You consent to the Privacy policy once you start using our site, so carefully read the Privacy policy, terms and conditions provided.

Information of Users

Users need to provide certain information for registration to your services like

*Credit Card or Debit Card.
*Biometric Information.

These are just to improve the user experience and to improve your sites better based on the interests and likes.

What we do with the information?

The information provided by you is used for the following things.

*To improve the experience of using the site.
*While running contests, polls or any events.
*To notify any information through periodic emails.
*To provide more valuable services.
*To publish any content to third party sites like twitter or facebook.


These are small files which are transferred to your system’s hard drive by the site or service provider through your web browser when you allow storing information regarding some information. To save your preferences and interests so which help in improving the end user’s site usage better.

This is for record keeping purpose without linking these with your personal information provided by you; we do not share this information outside also. It is just to understand and improve your experience on site by making a note of your interests. You can also reject the cookies and use the site normally but some parts like promotions, contest or surveys will be limited.

Contacts us via email/phone to know more information about the privacy policy of your website.

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